About us

Bellarine Brewing Company was started in 2007 as a partnership between Tim & Alex Page-Walker and Bellarine Estate Winery.  In the early years we contract brewed our beer and focussed on brand development and local sales of our beer brand, whilst running the winery restaurant and cellar door. In 2010 we purchased our first brewery equipment and began brewing our own beer in a small building at the winery.  We continued brewing and growing the business at Bellarine Estate Winery until 2014.  During this time we entered a number of beer awards and were successful with gold medals at the International Beer Awards.

In 2014, we relocated the brewery to its current home at 5/15 Crown Street, South Geelong.

The relocation to South Geelong was a turning point in our business with a larger dedicated space for the brewery and an opportunity to diversify from the traditional craft beer market.  

This opportunity became a business called Coffee Keg Pty Ltd as we were initially focussed on the cold brew coffee market.  We borrowed money and raised some private equity capital to expand the brewery equipment and purchase a new bottling machine to enable us to bottle into any size bottle to meet customer demand. We didn’t know it at the time but bottling cold brew coffee for some of Australia’s leading coffee roasters became our entrée into the ‘ready to drink’ beverages. It remains one of our main product lines but was only the tip of the iceberg and we started to be approached by other industries.  

Doors began opening and relationships developed and over the next few years we positioned ourselves as one of the leading contract manufacturers for product development and small batch testing of new beverages.  

The early adoption of cold brew coffee placed us in the perfect position to leverage into the espresso martini market, with us now being one of Australia’s largest manufacturer of this hugely popular cocktail. 

In 2016 we were approached by a global beverage manufacturer to undertake a research and development project into the science of manufacturing a bulk organic health drink concentrate.  This was a successful collaboration and it now forms another one of our product lines we are proud to produce.  

We continue to invest in specialised equipment that allowed us to offer ever more flexible options to our customers. This included bottling and canning, ready-to-drink, concentrates and bulk, carbonated and still, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, organic and more. 

In 2016 we became an Organic Certified Producer and became a HACCP Food Safety accredited manufacturer in 2018. Click here to read more about our private label business

And then 2020 arrived and no-one could have predicted the turn things would take. With COVID 19 our order book dried up overnight. We were determined to find a way to keep our business running, keep jobs for Geelong and help the community in any way we could so along came our new product… Surf Coast Sanitiser…click here to read all about it.